carry the flame with Jesus

carry the flame with Jesus

city prayer torches


this section of the prayer movement is for local bodies of believers to become united, as they pray for their city or region, and beyond.  sheep will be connected to a local church, home group, youth group or student body.  as you are praying, a physical (battery operated) torch is available for you to carry or set on a table while you pray.  this torch will be received from the previous sheep, and will be passed on to the next sheep or group. 

the significance of the torch is simply to bring unity in the body of Christ as we “pass the torch” from one group to the next.

you can pray anywhere, anytime, and each group can decide how long they will carry the flame for hosting prayer sessions, and when to pass the torch to next group of their choice.

these carry the flame with JESUS host sites will be posted on the mysheepblog with times and contact information provided.  some groups might have their own websites and means of broadcasting.

by hosting the carry the flame with JESUS prayer sessions; other sheep in the community will be able to come and join your prayer sessions to;  once again - promote unity in the body of Christ.

just think, praying sheep could prayer walk a neighborhood carrying the torch, what a conversation starter !   or take it with you to a public place;  park?  grocery store?  clothes shopping?  jogging? ... probably not in school classes, but anywhere you want.  we are taking our testimony out of the 4 walls and into the rest of the city.  also, staying at home or in your dorm room works just as well.

just pray!  spend time with GOD, share what you’re hearing, read the WORD out loud, or play your favorite worship music, sing, dance, draw, encourage others while you broadcast or write.  but have some fun and pray!

segregation, of any nature among the body of Christ must end, especially between generations, not just color, culture, or buildings.

…. and they’ll know we are christians by our love, by our love…

carry the flame with JESUS then pass it on to another,  we must show the light of JESUS to our neighbors, our children, our friends, our communities, our cities, our nation, and our world.

promote unity, pray for unity, pray for peace, pray for justice,

just pray!



the concept of passing a torch from group to group is attributed to Tim Sheets, from his book, Angel Armies,  the state of Ohio has seen first hand the impact of passing a prayer torch from church to church.